Reliable pool cleaning & maintenance

If your pool is green—call our team! Tweed Coast Pool Care provides an affordable green pool clean up service for residential and commercial clients. Our skilled technicians will remove built up algae that’s making your pool look like it’s St. Patricks Day.
How do we make your pool crystal clear again? Our experienced technicians take these steps:
  1. Decrease the pool’s pH level.
  2. Add shock chlorine.
  3. Loosen the algae with flocculants such as acrylamide and acrylic acid.
  4. Vacuum the pool and clean the filter.
  5. Add high-strength algaecide to kill any remaining algae.

The level of algae build-up will determine whether your pool needs to be drained and refilled.
But don’t worry—this is a last resort!

For pools that are light green to black-green, we’ll clean them all.